"I would not have guessed...feeling this way…in this situation…wondering what was happening next. You could not have convinced me that I would have felt calm enough to say, 'Okay...Let me let me figure out the next day.' And do it in a way that I’m not completely stressed out."

- Toni L. (TCiT workshop attendee)

Ultimately, we have limited control over our outer world. Spiritual teachers, gurus,
saints, and philosophers through the ages all say essentially the same thing:
Developing an Inner Sanctuary is the only real and lasting salvation.

Blake's practical approach to self-evolution borrows from, but is not associated with any one spiritual tradition, religion, or dogma. You'll read and discuss three of Blake's favorite books, watch select videos, and experience transformational guided meditations.



4 Week Zoom Workshop (8 Sessions) - $299 Value

1-on-1 w/Blake Beltram (1 Session) - $200 Value

*BONUS - Casual Friday Zoom Happy Hours - Value: $Priceless


Zoom Schedule

Upcoming Workshop Dates TBD
Week I – When It Hits the Fan (sitting with change)
Week II – Are you in there? (teachings of Michael Singer)
Week III – The Power of Now creates A New Earth (teachings of Eckhart Tolle)
Week IV – Becoming Supernatural (teachings of Joe Dispenza)



*BONUS Fridays
Workshop Attendee's  Zoom “Happy Hour" - Hosted by Blake Beltram

**WHY FREE?  And is there a catch?

Yes, there is a catch: You have to show up. Not for me, for yourself... your loved ones... and for the rest of the world.  That's it.  This workshop (+ 1-1 session) is my way of being of service at this crazy time, because for all the animosity in the world right now, I believe the real "battle" that's taking place is a spiritual one. You and I are being asked to evolve - NOW - to step fully into who we really are, why we came here, and to make the world a more loving place by bringing more light to it. That's an INSIDE job - and it's inside you.  IF you are battling fear, anxiety, depression or anger through this time... you're not alone. In this workshop we will transcend our fears, and ascend together.      -Blake



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4 Week Zoom Workshop: Tues & Thurs 9-11am PST (8 sessions) $299 Value 1-on-1 w/Blake Beltram (1 Session) $200 Value *BONUS Happy Hour Fridays 3:30-5:30pm PST (4 sessions)
Crisis Into Transformation Zoom Workshop
Started May 26

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