Hello - I'm Blake

My unlikely entry into the wellness industry began in 1998 when, following divine guidance (and not burdened by knowledge or experience) I bought a $64 How-To book - the Microsoft Access 97 Bible - and created software for a single Pilates client - Winsor Pilates. That calling turned out to be the genesis of MindBody, today the world’s leading software for the wellness industry.

One of my greatest passions and joys, before stepping away from MindBody in 2019, was launching MindBody One, where today a community of over 12,000 wellness business owners connect and support each other through thick and thin - these are the leaders I continue to support any way I can.

My spiritual path has been a long and winding road and the philosophy and pursuit of self-evolution remains a semi-obsession. I believe a subset of us are called to consciously evolve ourselves, and to help the planet evolve, and I talk to leaders of this movement on my podcast, Wellness Revolutionaries

The unorthodox vision for Shakti's Journey - a Mindfulness Tour, which came to me in a dream, includes  towing a 7’ tall, 600 lb. bronze sculpture of a meditating woman around the country on an open, flatbed trailer.  Shakti surprises, delights and sometimes baffles those she encounters on the road.

I created Ascension One training and workshops to give back, to help leaders find their center, and to be a part of the solution in the Wellness Revolution.  With Ascension teachings I guide you to turn crisis into transformation, raise your vibration, and find a path to internal peace - because it's my calling and passion and, as it’s been said… we teach what we most need to learn.


I do not have all the answers, but I certainly have all the questions, and after years of study, research, practice and direct experience in self-evolution, I’ve accumulated a trove of knowledge that I’m enthusiastic to share with you. See you on the path.