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If you have that feeling in your gut that you came here for a purpose, and it has something to do with helping our species to ascend to something more loving, more cooperative, more creative, healthier...

especially in this time of great chaos and upheaval...
But maybe you are not 100% sure how it is all meant to out-picture in your life . . .


W H Y   A R E   Y O U   H E R E ?
N O T   O N   T H I S   P A G E ,   O N   T H E   P L A N E T.
Hello - I'm Blake

My unlikely entry into the wellness industry began in 1998 when, following divine guidance (not burdened by knowledge or experience) I bought a $64 How-To book - the Microsoft Access 97 Bible - and created software for a single Pilates client. That calling turned out to be the genesis of MINDBODY.

I believe ascending our personal energy is the most important work we can do right now, and that the level to which we raise our vibration will correspond directly to our level of success, happiness, and effectiveness... in business and in the world.


That's why I created Ascension One training and workshops. This work used to be a luxury - but in this new world, it's a necessity that I don't think you want to live without.

   I do not have all the answers, but I certainly have all the questions, and after years of study, research, practice and direct experience in business as well as self-evolution, I’ve accumulated a deep well of knowledge that I’m enthusiastic to share with you.


C O M I N G   N O V E M B E R  4th


"Since Blake's meditation, and continued guidance through his workshop . . . we continue to support each other and grow in our own spiritual practices to overcome the habits that hold us back,

open our hearts and align with the highest version of ourselves."

CAROL MASON - Movement Arts