turning Crisis
INto Transformation

Lead by MindBody Co-founder, host of Wellness Revolutionaries, and creator of Shakti's Journey - this 4 Week workshop inspires self-evolution through teachings of modern masters such as Eckhart Tolle, Michael Singer, and Joe Dispenza.

Blake's Three-Phase Journey guides you to:

1) Tune into your internal "voice"

2) Step deeper into the role of observer

3) Create the future you desire


from previous attendees ...

"[Blake] has been a great leader and mentor.
And really guided us through this crazy time."

                                                                - Alesha L


"Blake has done a wonderful job in articulating clearly the
message that each of the three authors have provided." 

                                                                    - Henrietta D


In 1998, following divine guidance and with scant little experience, I bought a $64 How-To book - the Microsoft Access 97 Bible - and started a fitness business software company in my living room in Studio City, CA.  That calling turned out to be the genesis of MINDBODY, now a billion dollar market-leading corporation. 


Like so many, my spiritual path has also been a long and winding road and the philosophy and pursuit of self-evolution remains a semi-obsession. I believe a subset of us came here to consciously evolve ourselves, and help the planet evolve, and I talk to some of the leaders of that movement on my podcast, Wellness Revolutionaries. If you feel this same deep, internal calling, you are not alone - there are thousands, maybe millions, of us now, and we're coming together in communities like Wellness Evolution.


The somewhat wild and unorthodox vision for Shakti's Journey - a Mindfulness Tour came, like the software company, in the form of divine inspiration, this time in the dream state.  I teach mindfulness, presence, and a path to internal peace - because, let's face it - we teach what we most need to learn.

I do not have all the answers, but I certainly have all the questions, and after years of study, research, practice and direct experience in self-evolution…  I have accumulated a lot of knowledge that I'm enthusiastic to share with you. :)  I look forward to seeing you on the path.



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